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Protect The Game initiative embraces partnership with Healing Warriors Program

Updated: Apr 22

With an eye to reminding others about the challenges faced by military service Veterans, and the many avenues where they can add their skills to the benefit of civilian life, the Protect The Game sports officials initiative has formalized a partnership with Healing Warriors Program.

With a main clinic in Fort Collins, as well as 3 pop-up clinic locations across Longmont, Denver, and Colorado Springs, Healing Warriors Program has provided, at no cost, over 35K treatments to service

members and their families and is dedicated to suicide prevention in the Veteran community, through their non-narcotic therapies that directly affect important topics such as pain relief, PTSD, sleep and more.


The relationship with Protect The Game is a natural fit for those looking to make civilian life more comfortable and enriched – PTG offers training to become youth sports officials for Veterans and their families, helping to ease the crisis of available officials in youth sports today while offering employment and community for Veterans who understand and embrace the tasks found in officiating. 

“The Healing Warriors program is proud to join forces with Protect the Game in a shared endeavor to enhance the well-being and quality of life for our Veterans,” said Wendy Miller, Executive Director of Healing Warriors Program. “Together, we are committed to providing our Veteran community with whole-person wellness and providing opportunities for them to enrich their lives, and our community by training to be youth sports officials. We are honored to serve those who have served our country; we are stronger together.”

“Healing Warriors Program envisions a suicide-free world where all Veterans and their families thrive,” said Patty Harsch, president of Protect The Game. “We can recommend their services to our Veterans and family members who are in PTG training, and they will recommend our programming to Veterans where appropriate.”

Look for their pop-up non-narcotic treatment stations at future PTG events in 2024. 

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